Telstra Security Forum 2018

Boardroom to Frontline

Technology is always evolving, and so are the security threats to your business. In the modern workplace, security is everyone's responsibility, from the boardroom to the frontline.

Managing your security is more complex than ever, with the rise of invisible threats, targeted ransomware and new compliance requirements. How can you ensure security is top of mind of your whole business, without slowing down your digital transformation?

That's one of your key questions we unpacked at the Telstra Security Forum 2018 on 21 March in Melbourne and 27 March in Sydney. At the event, attendees discovered the latest insights from the global Telstra Security Report 2018, heard from some of the industry's brightest minds on security trends and learnt practical approaches to help stay ahead in today's security landscape.  

Key security insights


Convergence is real. Your cyber and electronic security can no longer be managed in isolation. We found 99% of respondents who have responsibility for cyber security are also responsible for electronic security.

Cyber awareness

Only 35% of Australian organisations are implementing cyber awareness programs, despite the growing risk of insider threats.

New technology

From wearable technology to IoT devices, new technologies require organisations to effectively manage greater attack surfaces. The impact of new technologies was rated as the second biggest challenge to security operations by our Report respondents.


60% of Report respondents experienced business interruption from a security breach last year. 62% targeted by DDoS attacks suffered outages between 30 and 120 minutes.

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When it comes to security, it's everybody's business, from the boardroom to the frontline. Download our Telstra Security Report 2018 now and ensure your business is prepared for the year ahead.

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